mature pea field

Higher canola and wheat yields with diverse rotations

Averaged over 6 years from 2010 to 2015, growing canola in rotation with other crops produced 19.4% (9.4 bu/ac) higher yield over continuous canola. Wheat yields were 4.7 bu/ac (7.2%) higher than continuous wheat. When a rotation included pea once every three years, a saving…

feed barley plots

9.3% higher feed barley yield with advanced agronomic practices

Research in Alberta found that advanced agronomic practices, including supplemental post-emergent nitrogen (N) fertilizer, a growth regulator, and dual foliar fungicide applications, contributed to higher feed barley yield when growing season precipitation was not limiting. Combined, the advanced agronomic practices produced an average of 9.3%…

canola field blooming

Up to 32% higher yield with uniform canola stand establishment

Spatially uniform plant stands increased canola yield by up to 32 per cent at low-yielding sites and by up to 21 per cent at high yielding sites compared to non-uniform plant stands. Research by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada research scientist Yantai Gan shows the importance…