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Tips for a more integrated approach to flea beetle control

This study validated the nominal economic threshold of 25 per cent defoliation. It also determined significant associations between landscape structure and flea beetle abundance, weather and flea beetle abundance, and plant density and flea beetle damage. As well, two flea beetle predators were confirmed. Flea…

Canola flower midge

Research continues into possible economic significance of new Canola Flower Midge

A new species of gall midge, Contarinia brassicola Sinclair (canola flower midge), was identified on the Canadian Prairies in 2017. To date, economic injury to canola has been low, and research has found early seeded canola had higher feeding damage, but still produced optimum yield….

wheat stem sawfly and Bracon cephi

Reduce wheat stem sawfly impact with lower seeding rate in solid-stemmed wheat

Seed solid-stemmed CWRS and CNHR wheat varieties at 30 to 35 seeds per square foot to maximize stem solidness and reduce the impact of wheat stem sawfly. For hollow-stemmed CWRS varieties and durum wheat, seed at 40 to 45 seeds per square foot. Growing solid-stemmed…

Cabbage seedpod weevil flower

Impact of cabbage seedpod weevil control on Lygus bug

Research in southern Alberta found that canola fields seeded in April were the most susceptible to cabbage seedpod weevil. A new action threshold of 25 to 40 cabbage seedpod weevils per 10 sweeps at early flowering stage was developed. When cabbage seedpod weevil populations were…

lygus bug on faba bean pod copy

Faba bean seed damage by lygus bug and chocolate spot

Lygus bug and chocolate spot disease can damage faba bean seed. Research found both organisms are widespread in central and southern Alberta. Seed damage occurs independently of each other, and is primarily caused by lygus bug. Seed damage caused by lygus bug (Lygus spp.) or…

wheat stem sawfly larvae

Wheat stem sawfly control in durum wheat

Seed at least 40 seeds per square foot (400 seeds per metre square) for optimum yield and wheat stem sawfly management when growing solid- or hollow-stemmed durum wheat varieties. The foundation for reducing yield loss from wheat stem sawfly (Cephus cinctus) in wheat varieties is…